In her work, particularly involving costuming for ‘Game of Thrones’, Clapton encourages hand finishes on her and her team’s work. She also attempts to hand make as much of the costumes as she is able to within time and budget restraints, including hand weaving the fabric and embroidering in house. Any fabrics that aren’t hand woven are sourced from Italy, Paris, London, Belfast, and Madrid. Any costumes that are needed for extras or background characters are usually commissioned or hired.

Her team consists of embroiderers, printers, cutters, armourers, leather workers, metal workers, dyers, and a variety of others. Also involved in the costume making process are the breakdown team, consisting of painters and textile artists whose job is to destroy and repair the costumes in order to make them appear to be old and worn, giving them a more realistic feel.

Clapton also tries to employ a variety of unique, materials in her costumes, such as animal skins and feathers, and takes initiative in finding solutions to problems she encounters along the way. For example, the bone armour worn by the Wildlings in ‘Game of Thrones’ was made with the help of bones sourced from eBay, which were moulded and assembled with latex and strings. Some costumes have duplicates made, such as armour, which are usually made in both metal and plastic, to increase comfort to the actors while filming is taking place.

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